Works for jazz orchestra

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Debut album 'on the edge' set for release April 2019. Check back here for more details!

​* indicates track included on record

Feliz navidad arr. Jaelem Bhate, samba/swing

On your marks comp. Jaelem Bhate, samba

If only Orion knew comp. Kevin Jackson, arr. Jaelem Bhate, ballad trombone feature - commissioned by Kevin Jackson

that was easy comp. Jaelem Bhate, swing

Baby Elephant Walk comp. Henry Mancini, arr. Jaelem Bhate, shuffle

Full House comp. Wes Montgomery, arr. Jaelem Bhate, jazz waltz

(2018 demo version)

*Pacific Suite III: Uninhabitation comp. Jaelem Bhate

(2018 demo version)

'The Nameless' comp. Jaelem Bhate

a collection of 6 works based on the poetry of disadvantaged and discriminated against authors. Premiered November 2018, Maya Rae vocals

*Pacific Suite IV: Sea of glass comp. Jaelem Bhate

*Pacific Suite II: Weeping Skies comp. Jaelem Bhate

Another Time ​comp. Jaelem Bhateballad - feature for flute, violin, voice

Billie's Bounce comp. Charlie Parker, arr. Jaelem Bhate, up swing

(2018 demo version)

(Demo by UBC Jazz 1 (reading))

*strung along comp. Jaelem Bhate

  • Billie's Bounce5:04

Nightowl comp. Jaelem Bhate, samba

*On the edge comp. Jaelem Bhate

(Demo by UBC Jazz 1 (reading))

If you're looking to check out my work with my jazz orchestra the 45th Avenue Jazz Ensemble, click here.

senõr blues comp. Horace Silver, arr. Jaelem Bhate, 6/8 afro-cuban

  • Beautiful Love (take 2)5:15

*wishful thinking comp. Jaelem Bhate, 5/4 straight

*You will be ok comp. Jaelem Bhate, jazz waltz

Beautiful Love comp. Victor Young , arr. Jaelem Bhate, up swing

  • Baby Elephant Walk5:49

(2018 demo version)

*Pacific Suite I: Straits and Narrows comp. Jaelem Bhate

One More Song comp. Jaelem Bhate, flugelhorn ballad

Ain't got no soul ​comp. Jaelem Bhate funk- commissioned by the 'Second Line' ensemble, Seattle, WA