breathe ​ballad for solo vibraphone

Please, love for soprano and piano

​commissioned by Zöe Mia

dial for solo percussion

​commissioned by Simeon Weststeijn

sounding board for percussion, flute, and tenor saxophone

​commissioned by Michelle Panikkar

Gaps ​short fanfare for sax quartet

​commissioned by the Azura Quartet

All works composed by Jaelem Bhate

Remembrance for solo marimba

  • 8:19

  • Gaps3:54

  • 2:57

Paces for solo baritone saxophone

​commissioned by Mia Gazley

confessional for saxophones and single percussion

​commissioned by Luke Vincent

Lock and key for solo percussion

​commissioned by Simeon Weststeijn

Groundwater for solo marimba

​commissioned by Julia Chien